Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So many things to be thankful for. First I do want to thank all of my readers for your love and support. As much as we have been through in my starting this blog, I have been fortunate to feel close to people all over the country and I truly feel in some way, that you guys are close friends. So I am thankful for you.

Above all, of course I am thankful for my beautiful children, my wonderful husband, an extended family that will never get enough credit for all that they do. The people in my life certainly sweeten the deal here. I am so blessed to have them. Of course, a person that we will forever be indebted to is our nanny Katie. Without her, I am not sure how we would get through outings and even every day life. From the beginning of this journey in expanding our family, she has truly been our saving grace. I feel like she is not only a part of my family, but a friend as well. I am so proud to have her as a part of our lives.

Other things that come to mind:

A new job where I actually enjoy going each day

My phone, as silly as it sounds and as much trouble as I have had with it, my LIFE is stored in there.

Our Dogs

Mr Clean magic eraser...I don't know how a mom of toddlers does without it

Rachael Ray...not only have I improved my cooking skills, it has made me really love cooking, a great hobby to have

Bamboo yarn...another hobby, so soft for blankets, scarves, sweaters...heck, anything that you want to be soft

Wine (duh)

Modern Family...Ken and I looooooove this show. Hilarious!

Fantasy Football...another thing that has brought Ken and I together. As much as I kind of hated it last season, I am addicted now, and it is fun to share that with him.

A new house, a new place to explore, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. Truly awe inspiring.

Moroccan Oil hair serum. Smells wonderful, makes my hair extremely shiny.

Crest White Strips, they really do work :D

So much more I am sure, but now I must go back to writing my paper, and preparing for family to arrive tomorrow for a Thanksgiving in Boulder. Have a wonderful holiday.


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